We hope you all had a lovely summer, although I think the weather forgot what season it was, and are ready and keen to tackle a new set of swimming lessons with us!

Please see some important dates and information for your diary:

AUTUMN TERM SWIMMING LESSONS – 14 weeks (Please visit the Swim Club page for these dates)

Week 1: Saturday 4th September – Friday 10th September

Half term: No lessons from Saturday 23rd October – Saturday 30th October (inclusive)

Week 14: Monday 13th December – Saturday 18th December


- Arriving Ready-Changed: We ask that all swimmers still continue to arrive at the centre ready to swim, to save time and keep changing facility use to a minimum. All junior swimmers will continue to enter poolside via one of the doors along the corridor. On arriving you will be greeted by a member of staff who will allocate a number to you. You will then be called onto poolside when your lesson is due to commence. Older children will be allowed to take clothes onto poolside with them (box will be provided for storage) and changing rooms will be available after lessons, but again please try and keep changing facility use to a minimum to avoid overcrowding and mixing.

- Be Prepared: Make sure swim hats* and goggles are on and that you arrive with plenty of time. Armbands will be provided, if required. * Swim hats must be worn during lessons.

- Pre-School Lessons: We will be returning to our pre-Covid-19 setup, where pupils will be entering the water without a parent or guardian. Swim teachers will be returning to teach in the water for these sessions, as well as some full time school classes too.


- Face Masks: All staff within the centre will still be wearing face coverings, and we respectfully ask that all users of the facility do the same. This is to ensure that we are all protecting our community, especially those who haven't had the vaccine and those with clinical issues who are still classed as vulnerable

- A Respect For Social Distance: We ask all users to please remain mindful of others within the closed environment of the centre and keep as much distance as you can.

Many thanks in advance for your support and compliance with the above. If you are unsure or have any queries about the swimming lesson setup then please do not hesitate in contacting us.The MSC Team

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