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By Melbourn Sports Centre, Aug 9 2017 06:11AM

Customers young and old have been putting all their hard work in the pool to great use by taking part in a variety of sponsored events over the last six months to help raise valuable funds towards its community swimming pool.

Melbourn Sports Centre is a non-profit organisation devoted to making a difference to the community, and has been fortunate to be able to keep the facility constantly running to a high standard since its 1991 inauguration. But we now need to make some essential ‘wear and tear’ repairs in order for our indoor swimming pool to continue functioning properly for future generations to enjoy and to learn to swim in.

A variety of events have recently been arranged which have included a Marathon Swimming Challenge, Christmas and Easter Raffles, Ironman Challenges and an Aqua Fit Marathon, have raised nearly £9,000.00 towards the project. The Centre has also received generous donations from local companies TTP Group, Tesco’s, Hotel Chocolat and Fieldgate Nurseries, all of which will go toward the repairs fund.

Manager Graham Johnson-Mack said, “We are overwhelmed by the generous support we have received from the community, especially from TTP Group and those who put in all that hard work in the pool to raise so much money! We are pleased to announce that our scheduled pool maintenance has been completed with the pool reopening to the public on Friday 11th August. The engineers were happy with how the work went, which we hope will result in the pool to continue functioning properly for future generations to enjoy and to learn to swim in”.

For further details on the Swimming Pool, Swimming Lessons, Fitness Suite or any of Melbourn Sports Centre’s other activities, including this summer’s range of courses and Playscheme, please drop in, call 01763 263313 or go online at

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