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The MC Splash Swim Club at Melbourn Sports Centre welcomes swimmers of all ability levels. We are a friendly, non-competitive club, although we do hold our own annual in-house gala each year.


Apart from swimming lengths, our swimmers also learn survival skills, snorkelling and other water based activities. We would particularly like to encourage younger children aged 8 and above to come and join our club!


For non swimmers and nervous beginners looking to improve their level of water confidence. Basic swimming strokes are introduced within a relaxed learning environment.

Improved water confidence and stroke techniques are the aim of these lessons as the ability to swim un-supported is developed further.

18.00 – 18.45


18.45 – 19.45


The aim is to be able to swim all four main strokes with good technique – showing efficient and effective swimming and correct aquatic breathing. To be able to use the correct turns for front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke and butterfly, as well as back crawl start.

19.45 – 20.45


Masters 16+. There are two categories in this group. You may be an ex-club swimmer looking to increase speed, power and overall fitness OR you may require guidelines on technique of strokes (as long as you can complete two lengths of the pool without stress).

20.45 – 21.45


Full details can also be located on the MC Splash Swim Club website