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melbourn sports centre: SWIM lessons

providing pre-school swimming lessons, children's lessons and adult swimming lessons.

At Melbourn Sports Centre we believe in helping everyone have confidence in the water. Swimming is an excellent way to stay healthy and is often a starting point for other water activities.


We firmly believe in offering quality swimming tuition so all of our swimming lessons are carefully structured within a comprehensive syllabus focused on helping you, or your child, to improve water skills and levels of water confidence.

Swim Better:

Make sure that your swimwear fits as baggy swimwear can cause excess drag.


Wear a swim cap as this will improve body position which in turn will help you swim faster.


Wear goggles as good fitting goggles can help to build confidence of putting your face into the water.


Our Swimming Lessons:

Safe Swimming:

Check that your child has used the toilet and blown their nose before entering the pool.


All swimmers are encouraged to shower before entering the water.


Long hair should be tied back.


Please refrain from swimming if you have the following conditions:

- contagious diseases such as measles, ear infections, open wounds, coughs and colds.


No outdoor footwear to be worn on the pool side.


No spectators are allowed onto pool side, unless special permission has been granted.

Please adhere to the following rules to keep the pool fresh:

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